I started life as a scientist and now work as an artist. I oscillate like an itinerant quantum particle in both and neither of these two worlds. I believe that is the way to discover meaning for myself and those interested in the direction of my spin.

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Masking the Measurer. 2024. 80x80cm. Ink graphite, acrylic M.A.D. Drawing

tricking meaning into existence

discussion of my latest Measurement.Assisted.Drawing (M.A.D)** seems to suggest an emerging AXIOM of my process. While drawing. The mind / hand problem seems to have a certain constraint. The…. I wonder what I should draw next’ character. The imagination may come up with something which will however most likely be locked into the  – whats …

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What are you Measuring?

Did my first measurement at Bondi on a beautiful winter day in June (2024). The main objective was to see if I could do it solo.. with out assistance.. obviously filming was tricky… but as always.. by performing. In the world. New insights emerge. I was approached by a couple. The woman asked: “What are …

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Machine-assisted Poetry – the evolution of an imperfect cybernetic experiment

Want to give the biggest shout out to POETRY SYDNEY, in particular, Angela Stretch who Makes Things Happen; Sydney Streets and Fayroze Lutta of the (@urbaniste) for sponsoring the work.   Part I If Duchamp taught us anything its that if its in a gallery it must be art. The context determines what it is …

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Angel in the Substructure

A Measurement at the Queen Victoria Building

Together with Matt, an experimental physicist, I set up The Evolver – a hopeful measuring device which detects things – such as our longing – that must surely sit in the underlying architecture – at, or near the edge of measurement.   Here is a short video of The Measurement in progress ———– The measurement …

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Frottage with a temperamental graphite stick. Drawing what I see and what is underneath the paper

Frottage in Fiji

Frottage; the technique or process of taking a rubbing from an uneven surface to form the basis of a work of art. ———————————– So I went to Fiji. A family holiday and did some drawing. The rocks on the other side of the island were rough and interesting so decided to frottage on them. Frot. Frotter. Frottage. …

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The most sophisticated machine I ever built

I generally build purposeless machines. The Evolver (click to see a video), unlike a toaster, is not made with any teleology in mind. Toasters compel quite specific behaviours in people. Coffee cups too. There is a statistical scope of behaviour… where if you look at the behaviour of people interacting with toasters a general picture …

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image from Patti Smith book of days

The Lonely Man of Faith (after Soloveitchik)

Last night the rabbi spoke of coincidences being greetings / reminders (?) from G-d I have always hated the word coincidence because it diminishes profound encounters into just a numbers game Impoverishing experience And then Joseph Soloveitchik speaks of the loneliness of The man on faith Here Patti talks of the loneliness of the poet. …

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Screenshot 2023-08-22 061904

Artificial I

Sid as Machine.. Once made A thing in the world. Then. We. Need. To. Test. It. Like a scientist. Things come into form in the world. Aspirant Objects. Am I an object that is of optimal form? Something else comes along -like that. Something I made. To be Like me ——– If I were a …

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