tricking meaning into existence

discussion of my latest Measurement.Assisted.Drawing (M.A.D)** seems to suggest an emerging AXIOM of my process.

While drawing. The mind / hand problem seems to have a certain constraint. The…. I wonder what I should draw next’ character. The imagination may come up with something which will however most likely be locked into the¬† – whats already there….

Whatever is on the paper or canvas places ever increasing constraints on what can go on next, and I suspect, this is subconsciously determined  Рand very hard to break out of.

I discovered a way to trick this. To start a new – in this case painting – on a drawing that is part way to resolution – start an entirely new painting on the drawing. Unrelated. So that what might emerge is novel. encounters between the painted symbols and the drawn symbols underneath. Unexpected novel FEEDBACK LOOPS = ideas can emerge this way. Akin to bringing two different cultures together (like art and science maybe?) and in an apparently irrational way allow novelty to emerge.

diagram showing two systems with there TYPE interactions being interrupted and changed by being intermingled with each other – for the emergence of novelty

What Faryl informs me.. of the Jungian archetype of The Trickster. Thank you Faryl. A different approach to storming the gate.

The work in question:

Masking the Measurer. 2024. 80x80cm. Ink graphite, acrylic M.A.D. Drawing

** M.A.D. are drawings initiated in public using the evolver machine where I perform a measurement. These measurements are taken back to the studio and developed further.

Masking the Measurer. 2024. 80x80cm. Ink graphite, acrylic M.A.D. Drawing
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