Transition states and their parameters

Last night I was wrestling with Reuben. He was trying
to pull me off the bed. All my energy; hand
position; centre of gravity was focused via the
complex feedback loops with the immediate environment to the
Staying-On-The-Bed Mode [SOTBM]
That was the form and associated parameters I was
occupying – at a certain moment the state
transitioned through various instability
bifurcation points / or a single critical
one being overcome and I
transitioned to a second state
the state of falling off the bed mode [FOTBM]..
feedback loops immediately shifted to landing
avoiding injury and not landing
(too hard) on Reuben.. although landing
A bit on him.. as he deserved that!
But these states that my single body
Occupied were two very different
Modes of behaviour to accommodate.
The transition from one to the other
was remarkable for how quickly I could occupy
that second state so fully. Like it was
Always there.. it just
Needed to be filled.

This thought is inspired by the work of Rene Thom and D’arcy Wentworth Thompson.. our understanding of evolution I think would have gone down a very different path had Darwin not been so dominant.. I think Stuart would agree?

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