The Science of Art / Art of Science Talks

The Science of Art / Art of Science (talks)

When: Saturday, 11th June 2016; (2-4pm)

Where : Bondi Pavilion Gallery 

Address: Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach NSW 2026


2 – 210pm       welcome

210-240           Prof Beric Henderson -Mad scientist or artistic genius – the birth of creative ideas

240-310           Prof Sven Rogge (to be confirmed) (CQC2T) The art of Quantum Computation

310-340          Dr. Steven Durbach – The art of Uncertainty

340-400pm      discussions


Will take the form of floor talks (with audio visual augmentation) directed to an audience of +16yrs who will assumed to be largely members of the general public, so talk will be largely non-technical aimed at a non-technical audience, but not dumbed down so will also appeal to people in a science field.  It does not seem necessary to provide refreshments at this event.


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