The Conscious Feedback

Its 1:08pm¦ I let the evolver turn.. but what I did was a recorded its behaviour over time.. the behaviour of the drawing arms.. which because of the constraints of the wire (which was in the form of an irregular spring bent into shape randomly by me).. joining the turntables to the pendulum.. made the drawing arm go





where the dots (.) indicate seconds..

which looks like this on paper.. as a graph:

circularised data with fish and birds

Circularised data with fish and birds

This was converted into wire, where the points of clang were randomly bent in any direction.


Time to Space conversion (about 2 minutes of it)

This is an embodiment of a tiny aspect of the Mechanical’s behaviour.. it was reattached to the machine.. directly linking the pen to the triangle and allowed to operate for a few minutes… its new behaviour.. whatever it was .. was now in some way directly influenced by its past behaviour not unlike ourselves where our own past behaviour is going have a feedback-ridden effect on our current behaviour..

The current behaviour was tracked by directly measuring the main pen held by the turntables.  The pattern.. is circular as expected.. but some wobble has been introduced by the interaction with triangle.



And here is a detail:

This behavior is affected by the physically manifested time data incorporated into the linking arm.

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