fish flying (or this sky rained frangipanis)

this guy Michael came over to me while I was painting last night on Oxford street he asked me who I was I said Sid

As in Sydney?

No.. it’s my initials

you should always introduce yourself by the name your parents gave you

(he may be right)

Your accent sounds


South African

double whammy I thought

(what am I doing here then?)

but he was kind and gentle

Michael and he lived on the street

and one of his parents was born

in a Portuguese part of Western

South Africa

he stayed to talk.. he showed me the frangipani he planted the other night

he gave me a sip of port from his hip flask

Sid the sober painter took it and said thank you..

he went off

but just for a while to get dinner

came back and showed me a box of wet wipes he found

said he finds everything he needs right here on the street

then he went off and came back 10 minutes later and rained frangipani

blossoms around me and my painting

we said goodbye

touched elbows

(my hands were full of paint)

and he left

for the rest of the painting

I had the gentle sweet smell of

frangipanis drifting up into

my nose

not the usual smell of that

place at that time

thank you Michael troubled

angel of the night

looking for beauty

looking for love

not the thing you often bump into

out there

but when you do

it is magical

we were like fish out of water



© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist