I = f (it) or [I (as in me) = function (all that is around me; i.e. ‘it’]

I / who? am excited

by all the occupants of

my brain

some I know.. 

some I don’t

some I see on

the streets

some are my friends.. 

I know them

they know me

it can get specific..

Cezanne was in my brain

while I was in India

Chagall was there for

my last painting

they / we are all

bit players in

my brain

it sometimes makes me

uncomfortable that

I am stealing but then

I AM them

and THEY are


as are you

and I me

(it’s all a matter of resolution)

theft in art.




meet some bit players that I know:





but just had this to say

my work has often been

compared to Chagall

not by me.. mind you.. although

I do worship it

he painted about love

so do I

but his couple (figure 1) which went into my head while painting this.. they rise above the world.. my couple.. swirl in it… (figure 2)

and that’s where I want to be.. in amongst all its twisted strangeness.. we are in it together, no higher no lower

figure 1 (Chagall)


figure 2 (Sid’s)


ps.. the little bird drawn in the middle of my picture was Ora.. my daughter’s…

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist