Fish / birds / quantum dot evolution

151017 elovution in a qdot

There are things we get to
see as scientists/
and these things we
don’t get to see
the undescribeable

I hope that this therefore
Is what this painting
Is describing
The inherent order
And energetics of things
Making events /
Moments likely
And allowing them
To transition one
Into another

The activity in this painting
Is inspired by events
In a quantum

Where we
Are trying to
Describe interaction
Of entities that withhold
Much of their information
Like Schrodingers Bird
We are not allowed
Into the Quantum Dot
Or Box.

In this box.. fish and birds
Are transitioning
into each other
sometimes causing energy shifts
sometimes appearing
and disappearing / formed
collapsed by
the energy clouds that
are at once the wombs
of creation
also the cauldron of
of entropy’s inexorable

bird angel blog

I feel inspired like I want to explode with Johnny Cash deep texture paint folding and hardening into something so beautiful and distant and close like love itself.. but not dear sweet love.. hard and real and full of elusive feeling describing the strange attractor of being human… loveImage

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