I = f (it) or [I (as in me) = function (all that is around me; i.e. ‘it’]

I / who? am excited

by all the occupants of

my brain

some I know.. 

some I don’t

some I see on

the streets

some are my friends.. 

I know them

they know me

it can get specific..

Cezanne was in my brain

while I was in India

Chagall was there for

my last painting

they / we are all

bit players in

my brain

it sometimes makes me

uncomfortable that

I am stealing but then

I AM them

and THEY are


as are you

and I me

(it’s all a matter of resolution)

theft in art.




meet some bit players that I know:



the rejection

The Sulman is my new favourite painting prize to get rejected from.. there is a bit of ceremony in delivering the artworks… there is the wonderful quick turnaround time (1 week!!) and then the easy justification for the failure…

‘it’s a major prize.. the finalists are practically selected before the paintings are even seen….’

the Waverley prize.. that’s trickier… it takes forever for the selection process… it’s a smaller less prestigious prize (SO I SHOULD GET IN!!! it seems to mean more to not get into this prize than to not get in to the sulman)… and I have to go through the list of finalists (quite long!) and not find my name there after 3 or four times of trying… of course there is also the… while searching… seeing the names of good friends and colleagues… trying desperately to be ok with the stabbing pain of envy…

and then of course… the ‘… they just don’t understand me… they can’t see good art if it hit them on the head…’’ conversation my head needs to have

so while all this rejecting is going on.. I need to

find a place for it in my story


here goes:


reminds me.. that

being an artist

is about forging your own path

the rejection is just a gentle reminder about the necessary loneliness of the path..

it ‘s a

walk-alone-in-the-wilderness kind of groove.. but the wilderness is

where the magic lies…

it’s where I got to


get to


(there.. that’s better..)


Painting Cacophonia


when I go out painting at night

I am painting

with my nervous system’

when I go out.. and be

Sid Sledge

in the day Steve is looking

after the kids

making dinner

talking to my wife

Being the suburban man

but at some point I/He be Sid

and he can paint on the street.. but

while he is doing it

he knows.. Steve

is watching

and then grabbing the brush

then hE ?i takes it back

going What!?

We makes me nervous

and I use that for my painting


last night was easy.. I had just heard Vieux Farke Toure.. son of the late great. Ali Farke Toure at the Basement in Sydney… and even though the night club down the road I found myself painting outside had no soul… the strange wild blues of Vieux and his beautiful band were still in me…

Thanks Vieux.. and happy birthday!

the kiss


just like the infinite is contained

within the smallest gaps


one and two

so to…….

the transition from one

moment to the next

A finite thing



and then I was thinking

about this

while walking

Reuben down the stairs

which felt like it took an


–       too long..

I was in a hurry to

get downstairs because

I wanted to write

down as quickly

as I could how..

every moment

the transition is a

negotiated thing..

forces gather at

interfaces….. /

/ transient


these forces negotiate

the transition

every transition

and just because we

can’t resolve the intra-time


as well as the



we can’t be easily

aware of this….

the scale

that we operate in


detect this

but probably

reflects it

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist