Bakri ‘Id Hyderabad

when I was in Hyderabad..

 in the middle of the festival of Barkri ‘Id..

a festival where the Muslims celebrate Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice Ishmael..

but he doesn’t..

Allah intervenes and a goat is slaughtered
instead.. in Hyderabad..

there were goats everywhere

… 100 000 of them.. lining the street..

 seamlessly with people.. all over…

.. in/on laps just all over.. and it was

a beautiful visceral thing

humanity was seamless with the animal..

all aspects happened in front of your eyes..

the slaughter..

 the herding..

the boy leading

the goat.. sharing

a seat on an overloaded truck.. there was a goat…

not like here.. where the animals that serve us

for food.. don’t really exist

they are far away …

we see

them as neatly wrapped up things on supermarket shelves…

safely away

from our children.. we grow up



and it is not safe…

we need to know our animals again…

we are part them.. we are not

some separate thing .. …

and we need to share space and intimacy with them again..

so we can learn how to feel..


the kiss


just like the infinite is contained

within the smallest gaps


one and two

so to…….

the transition from one

moment to the next

A finite thing



and then I was thinking

about this

while walking

Reuben down the stairs

which felt like it took an


–       too long..

I was in a hurry to

get downstairs because

I wanted to write

down as quickly

as I could how..

every moment

the transition is a

negotiated thing..

forces gather at

interfaces….. /

/ transient


these forces negotiate

the transition

every transition

and just because we

can’t resolve the intra-time


as well as the



we can’t be easily

aware of this….

the scale

that we operate in


detect this

but probably

reflects it

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist