Schrodinger’s Bird




Above is a pictorial snapshot of some of what Schrodinger’s bird was… this collaboration with CQC2T which culminated in an exhibition in June 2016 at the Bondi Pavillion Gallery… it was a great success sales wise.. but more importantly in how it engaged the public with science, and celebrated the work done by this illustrious group. The story was unique and engaging and as a result garnered quite a lot of coverage – a highlight : getting the the Schrodinger’s Bird video animation played online on the ABC science website where it was viewed nearly 80 000 times. In addition to the exhibition two events were held. One was what we called the Physics Night (nothing like a good geeky title!!) where phsyicists, Matt Broome and his colleagues talked physics to a very engaged audience, while I painted in the background on top of the Schrodinger’s Bird animation. I also held an afternoon session where scientist, Professor Sven Rogge, spoke to an audience of 60 to 80 people, about the beauty of quantum physics, while myself and Professor Beric Henderson, a cytologist who had a very successful research career in cell Biology, but like me has also turned to art full time, spoke about the science of art.

Subsequent to this exhibiton, I am still in close contact with several members of CQC2T, where we meet regularly to discuss this interesting connection between art and science and continue to discover that we are not that different – just both fascinated by discovering how the world is and works.

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