The road crossing.. Bondi

This work is from a series I did where I re-imagined the universe as being made up of building blocks.. in the form of boats.. I call them Boat Building Blocks. Why boats, you may ask? The boats are a very simple molecular shape, but unlike regular molecules, they take our brain to other places; floating; contained in an ark; abandoned off an ark.. that sort of thing. These Boat Building Blocks are defined in how they interact with each other and in how they are able to proliferate on different surfaces. I enjoy how that restricts how much freedom the drawing can accommodate. This idea appeals to me because it is about pattern – these boats will form patterns and as a scientist, pattern is what we are always trying to see. If there is not pattern, there is chaos. This work suggests that in all things there is pattern. It was generated by sketching in pencil, while parked in my car on Bondi rd, straight onto the canvas and then the lines of that drawing became the templates from which to build the boats using ink and acrylic paint.

Project Details
  • 2014

  • 35x45cm (including frame)

  • Ink and acrylic on canvas

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist