Generation of Fishy Birds by the process of diffusion

Even though I am sure we are not meant to treat the biblical creation story as literal… an amazing thing happened on the 5th day… In this story fish and birds were created.. for me this touches on a cornerstone of what love is.  As these two things.. fishes and birds are cleaved from a common source to produce otherness.. a magical creative event which allowed our skies and waters to be populated.. but with that event came profound loss – if we assume the creation was from something.. To me love is a coming together of things that were once so separated.. but we can never truly become as one.. we cannot transgress love’s asymptote.. we can only ever hope to tease it a little bit. In my work I am forever trying to return the fish to the bird – to transgress that seam. In this piece I ask a very practical question.. what is the optimal ratio of fish to bird in such a fusion? And to answer it I try to remove my artistic hand as much as possible and let chance determine where each fish and bird component is placed in the fused fish and birds as well as the incomplete fish and birds.

Project Details
  • 2015

  • 120x80cm

  • Ink and pencil on primed paper

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist