it’s the word that you’ve heard it’s got groove it’s got meaning

This was a real transitional piece for me… it is the first time I incorporated the idea of evolution into my work in the way that I constructed the piece… I had written a note in my notebook… which had biblical text in it.. and I was moved by the words and really wanted them to be the artwork.. but on its own it didn’t seem enough.. so here I basically elaborated the page of the notebook by segregating it into discrete units.. and made many copies.. and then copies of the copies.. for 20 generations.. the copier I used at the time was not very true and introduced errors that were then inherited.. so this piece represents evolution.. but where there was no selection… i.e. all errors were accepted into the final piece… I think what got me most excited was how little I had to do with making aesthetic decisions.. and that once the iterative process was setup.. I could just watch with bated breath as the work unfolded…

Project Details
  • 2008

  • photocopied paper (ink)

  • 1.5m x 80cm

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist