When we look up into the night sky… like we must have 1000’s of years ago… we must not have seen much pattern.. but as we went about our world with its storms and uncertainty.. we would have longed for patterns.. some kind of predictability… like we mostly got when day changed to night and then came around again on the next day… when we look around us today.. we want some kind of structure.. in the same way crystals.. make predictably beautiful patterns.. we hope that somehow life can be  – on a level where we can believe.. conforming to some similar pattern… I am no different as I try to make sense of my world… and there are patterns where we don’t expect to see them.. imagine those great astronomers who started to recognize that our stars are arranged in galaxies.. that then expand into these beautiful spiral vortexes… chaos giving way to pattern.. to some aspect of predictability.. to the idea of design conforming to laws governing universal processes that are at once molecular and also galactic.. there is great comfort in that… the mere act of seeking pattern.. whether an artist.. a biologist… a physicist… we are engaging in an act of deep faith.. belief that the pattern will yield if we just look in the right way… Students of Chaos Theory understood that just depending on the point of view.. or how the information is assembled.. patterns can be realized… described by a mathematical equation… there is tremendous comfort in that… in a world that seems perpetually hinged on uncertainty…

My life’s quest… is based in a deep faith… a need that such patterns should exist if subjected to the right interrogation… my boats… the way they interact –  generating their patterns… move into unknown zones – holding on tightly to each other to navigate the seams of the unknown… all the while being convinced that we are held together by some deep pattern… deep laws of connection that transcend material and give us hope..

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