paintings of the studio

In 2008 when I first painted my studio.. I am seated… hands holding the chair.. and there is some apparition.. with my coffee cup – no less.. holding the brush – the one with the power I presume.. I am sitting before a blank canvas.. almost mocked by the fish in the mirror (a fish self portrait?) who is painting the same scene.. that this painting is of.. the room is quite bare / bleak? The orange couch.. sliding off the bottom left off the painting.. saves it.. but.. it’s sliding off…

studio 2008

studio 2008

2018 I painted my studio again.. it became apparent to me at the end of the painting that it was a painting of the studio… this painting was never going to be figurative.. it was going to be how building blocks inevitably migrate / transform into symbols.. by the energetics / motion in the universe… mediated by the action of birds.. and fishy bird interactions. But I painted my chair… sparely.. into the painting.. like a symbol.. a symbol teetering at the edge of the real.. made of bones… and then Arlene showed me paintings of Kitaj… and they provoked me to find a figure in my painting.. so I did.. and of course the figure was me.. no longer sitting but at the interface of flying and falling.. recognizing that when I have the power it is precarious and must be on that edge.


180614 studio in full sunlight_smaller

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