on this boat

on this boat..

in the stillest unbroken water

of an infinite sea

you wouldn’t know if you were

going forward or backward

or whether you were moving at all

I keep coming back to the third day

of creation

when land was revealed

i.e when the continuum was broken

like cutting a ring

the infinite becomes finite..

that point becomes a

reference point

that point becomes the thing


including the self witnessing it

gets measured

and defined by

because in our example I

am on this boat traversing the

infinite stillness..

anything defined is


defined as positional with respect to

the frame of reference

this is a good way of saying there is

no absolute truth

if this is true of everything

the absolute truth is

the unbroken continuum of the


Even perhaps one revelation on

that surface is truthful.

because its position cannot

change even if it is

moving on a

continuous surface as there

is  no frame of reference

it cannot therefore move

if it was a real boat it could expend energy

but it cannot ever move… it can have no velocity..

the distance component is negated.


this is why we cannot accept time as a similar surface..

because we are consumed up in our passage of time.. because of the decaying changing properties induced by entropy… but that is another story



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