Notes on the machine

A key component of my art

is the lo-techness of it

in the drawings / paintings

and in the



in our world the

supremacy of the machine

they are perfect.. they direct our


they have none of our beautiful


they are designed and built with

the purpose of what they are

meant to do.. in mind.


Evolution – and certainly the

Way we work – doesn’t

Work like that…

The wing as an idea on

Birds didn’t start out as

A wing.. its ancestral form

Did something else

In an extinct dinosaur

Its role was


It then evolved into this higher

Form on its happy


through time


My machines are a bit

Like that – they need to

Laugh at themselves, as to

What they find themselves now

Doing in their new environment

Their maker is no genius


He has

No clear idea and sense of

Outcome in mind



And as such the

Extant machine –

In its present form –

Cobbled together with

Old record players

And umbrella bones

And ideas stolen from

Laundry pegs-in its

Present form

Is no perfect thing

But it is optimal for

Whatever it finds itself

Doing / DO-ING.

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