Mechanism of Boat Inversion

Recent results suggest that Boat Building Blocks can be inverted when caught up in continuous.. infinitely diminishing spirals… the property of most matter and objects to invert or be overturned is embedded in the architecture underlying everything… through the interaction of discrete (i.e. discontinuous) BBBs with continuous.. infinitely diminishing spirals.  (see Fig.1).

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Fig. 1. Showing Boat Building Blocks caught.. and being inverted in randomly occurring spirals.
Boat Building Blocks caught in spirals.. which periodically appear as breaks in the continuum… continue to proliferate down to the infinitely small vortex structure of the spiral.. at a certain point or region.. the BBBs can no longer be comfortably accommodated because of their discrete size… this juncture where there is an interaction between the discrete / discontinuous boats and the infinitely continuous, but diminishing spiral.. leads to an as yet undefined mechanism.. but which clearly involves evident warping and stretching of BBBs.. the fact that they can accommodate such distortions[1] allows this seam transgression to take place and for the resulting boats to be inverted as they exit the spiral.

This quirk in the underlying architecture therefore goes some way to explaining the ability of structures to be overturned and inverted.. but also more subtly other properties such as left and right handedness of much of matter and its emergent forms, as well as mirror-imaging.


[1] The distortions are necessary to maintain the Hierarchy of Law.. where the way boats interact is superior to maintaining their structural integrity.. thus stretching or warping is accommodated to maintain connectivity rules

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