Intentional lines and unintentional lines

I drew a drawing everyday of my neighbour’s house.. then photocopied it.. then drew the house on top of that then photocopied that.. for about 15 or 16 generations. This was line drawing with coloured acrylic paint.. I then divided the A4 landscape views up into 16 equal rectangles.. pooled them.. from all drawings.. and randomly arrayed them in a large scale background that included all the fragments.. like genes.. randomly assorted.. this was then used to draw the original house on top of that..
The background.. the idea is (not that it was actually as successful as I would like it to have been – would have been better with monotone.. ie. Just one colour).. but the idea.. which actually I don’t think I was that aware when I got the idea to do the picture.. but this idea.. which seems central to what I am exploring.. the idea of one symbol.. in this case a fully fledged sketch of my neighbour’s house… is fragmented and rearranged.. to try and discover novel symbols.. that go beyond just the representation of the house.. it’s like the house.. a known and recognizable symbol.. should have mystery in it.. should have the capacity to reveal something unknown and mysterious about the world it is contained in…
Also it is about things that have been built from building blocks of a sort… and get cemented and finalized that way.. but then forcing them to deconstruct in this processive way to see if they can reveal something new.. i.e. the line that started it all is full of a potential to make anything! It is unlimited.. but the line from the houses.. broken down.. contains the scars of what they have become… and that will affect what they have the potential to be….
Evolution is like that. Any new innovation never starts anew… it too is tainted by what it currently is.. and has to build from that.
Portrait of Leonid and Vicki's house

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