fragile bird

This morning while I was

Trying to make

A genetic mutant

Of a mug and

A bird

Realizing how

Inadequate my

Knowledge of

Sticking broken

Things together



That is

Why I must

I must

I must

Stick broken things

Together to make

New things..


Take parts of blood pressure

Monitors and mutate them

Into frames for

Tributes to Rene


Here mutants arise not only

Because their forms changed so


But their environment

Became something

Completely new and unexpected


In all this struggle

I realise its

Love I’m looking



And I come at it with

An underlying belief

That its mechanism

Is encoded in the

Underlying architechture

Of the universe

And all the forms

And machine

And odd bits

I assemble are trying to

Reveal that mechanism

In some uncertain

And fragile and awkward…

Because it has to grab on to

Bits that are sticking out

In this jagged world

To reveal itself



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