The painting below represents a state of evolution

in my art.. here is the first

concrete evidence of my  theoretically

derived.. from ideas vested in scientific

thought.. motifs / language

now in the service of art


an artistic agenda

my boat building blocks (BBBs) have rules of association

which I have disrupted….

so the work asks how do I

Disrupt these BBBs which

Associate in a specific way


By the bird.. which is

Like a force.. a stochastic

Change in the status quo.. leading

To a temporary or permament

(this is not known) rearrangement of

BBBs or a change in

the prevailing conditions that

disrupt the way the BBBs

associate with each other.


The way it serves art: this

Piece is responding to where

The world is right now

It feels like in the world there has been

A disruption of prevailing conditions /

Stability and the building

Blocks / or the underlying

Architecture which holds it that

are / disrupted


The most accommodative energetic

Considerations are not holding

There is a temporary change

A less stable / higher

Energy condition transiently prevails

Until a return to

Status quo conditions

Or lower energy conditions


The painting itself is disrupted

In that the bird form is

Protruding off the canvas


And there is a gash in the

Canvas / injury

Things hurt when there is


161219 Disruption


You may note that the figures (a human and a bird) are submerged into the fabric of the canvas.. while the building blocks are ontop… so the inevitability of matter drives the process.. while the forms are more a consequence of this underlying structure or tendency of matter

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