While trying to get to the root of what I am interested in.. I thought what it must be is change…. Change is at the heart of all phenomena… whether it is the slow steady time scale of geology and evolution. Or whether it is the rapid time scale of these words darting across the face of my computer.. all of this inexorably changes the world we live in.. even the passage of time… time is only the change of an aspect of an event… if nothing changes relative to something else there is no time… My first love… how forms have evolved over the course of evolution is the change that I am fascinated by… what lies beneath these changes…? Are there underlying formulae or processes… which are encoded in the universal architecture that bring about inevitable forms… what lies at the heart of Change? and can I build this process in my lab studio…?


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    Oct 16, 2016 - 10:05 AM

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