assymetric poem

(note on writing.. I am wanting to write more spontaneously about my process so that I can share the process more easily. I usually find that the writing makes more sense than if it is over-thought.. so please see the text.. in that sense… ideas evolving)


Notes on an asymmetric poem the idea what is the idea behind this what do I want from the words that they are not giving me I am trying to evolve new meanings but not using my imagination or my rational mind I am trying to do it using approaches that are in excess in the natural world the natural world what is that… it is anything out there that is evident.. that can be seen by us perceived by us anything that has persisted long enough to be seen evolved through ages or transiently popped into view it could do that because it persisted it had an aspect of The Return about it.. whatever it was a thing that returned or an event that repeated when things return they can be acted upon by whatever natural / force process is available.. when events repeat… the – what the events are – things interacting with other things are acted upon by available forces… a static poem can become a dynamic thing if it repeats and is acted upon by some process.. so here the poem had its meaning.. what it was trying to say… changed by making words repeats.. and making symbols truncate to something else.. noise or evocative juxtaposition.

There is an image here of such a poem;

The poem will keep evolving;

To noise

Or something else

Lets seeIMG_8409

The Science of Art / Art of Science Talks

The Science of Art / Art of Science (talks)

When: Saturday, 11th June 2016; (2-4pm)

Where : Bondi Pavilion Gallery 

Address: Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach NSW 2026


2 – 210pm       welcome

210-240           Prof Beric Henderson -Mad scientist or artistic genius – the birth of creative ideas

240-310           Prof Sven Rogge (to be confirmed) (CQC2T) The art of Quantum Computation

310-340          Dr. Steven Durbach – The art of Uncertainty

340-400pm      discussions


Will take the form of floor talks (with audio visual augmentation) directed to an audience of +16yrs who will assumed to be largely members of the general public, so talk will be largely non-technical aimed at a non-technical audience, but not dumbed down so will also appeal to people in a science field.  It does not seem necessary to provide refreshments at this event.


bat shit

No you not bat shit crazy just
Beauty fully sensitive
In the world
Of the true reality
The true uncertainty
All that holds it
Together are tenuous
Connection little bits
Of touching between whatever
Is prepared to hold form
Even if just for a little while

Erev Yom Kippur

As I work in this new way.. about the purity of ideas.. I realise the thing that is most important is the humanity.. Yes.. Ideas are pure.. beautiful.. but they can be detached.. I have to bear it in mind that it is me.. an imperfect human who is elaborating these ideas.. they will never be pristine
They will always be touched by humanity
A person
In the world
Came to the idea
At its core it is touched
By frailty
And therein
Its beauty
150922 erev yom kippur

© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist