In the making of my!machine I feel like I am doing what I am doing no more no less



when I look at my!machine.. I see the regular wheel turn.. I see the stochastic noise.. arms flailing.. it generates.. and I look at myself.. arm flailing.. trying to describe my!machine.. am I really controlling that flail.. or is it going to flail.. whether I like it or not.. that is what my machine and my!machine just do..


I started off thinking

And maybe still do.. that this machine has no function..

But it has longing

I see in it

In its components

Mother bird-like coat

Hanger parts


To reach

Baby bird


Trying to fly –

Longing to persist

Is built into its

Architectural DNA




Schrodinger’s Bird




Above is a pictorial snapshot of some of what Schrodinger’s bird was… this collaboration with CQC2T which culminated in an exhibition in June 2016 at the Bondi Pavillion Gallery… it was a great success sales wise.. but more importantly in how it engaged the public with science, and celebrated the work done by this illustrious group. The story was unique and engaging and as a result garnered quite a lot of coverage – a highlight : getting the the Schrodinger’s Bird video animation played online on the ABC science website where it was viewed nearly 80 000 times. In addition to the exhibition two events were held. One was what we called the Physics Night (nothing like a good geeky title!!) where phsyicists, Matt Broome and his colleagues talked physics to a very engaged audience, while I painted in the background on top of the Schrodinger’s Bird animation. I also held an afternoon session where scientist, Professor Sven Rogge, spoke to an audience of 60 to 80 people, about the beauty of quantum physics, while myself and Professor Beric Henderson, a cytologist who had a very successful research career in cell Biology, but like me has also turned to art full time, spoke about the science of art.

Subsequent to this exhibiton, I am still in close contact with several members of CQC2T, where we meet regularly to discuss this interesting connection between art and science and continue to discover that we are not that different – just both fascinated by discovering how the world is and works.

Notes on : an Urge to Fly



This piece

A dynamic

Kinetic piece

(when you wind it up)…

Is a reflection on

The idea of

Flight and

The fact that we

live in a

universe where

things can take to

the air up


and for a brief




What is this

Tendency in the



This work

Considers the possibility

That the underlying


Tendency of

An urge to fly

Is locked in

The simple structure

Of an old

Burnt out

Coffee pot




of a




And this

Is the very

Basis of


Where the

Coat hanger




Nudged to

Consider the

Possibility of

Taking to the


fragile bird

This morning while I was

Trying to make

A genetic mutant

Of a mug and

A bird

Realizing how

Inadequate my

Knowledge of

Sticking broken

Things together



That is

Why I must

I must

I must

Stick broken things

Together to make

New things..


Take parts of blood pressure

Monitors and mutate them

Into frames for

Tributes to Rene


Here mutants arise not only

Because their forms changed so


But their environment

Became something

Completely new and unexpected


In all this struggle

I realise its

Love I’m looking



And I come at it with

An underlying belief

That its mechanism

Is encoded in the

Underlying architechture

Of the universe

And all the forms

And machine

And odd bits

I assemble are trying to

Reveal that mechanism

In some uncertain

And fragile and awkward…

Because it has to grab on to

Bits that are sticking out

In this jagged world

To reveal itself



Notes on the machine

A key component of my art

is the lo-techness of it

in the drawings / paintings

and in the



in our world the

supremacy of the machine

they are perfect.. they direct our


they have none of our beautiful


they are designed and built with

the purpose of what they are

meant to do.. in mind.


Evolution – and certainly the

Way we work – doesn’t

Work like that…

The wing as an idea on

Birds didn’t start out as

A wing.. its ancestral form

Did something else

In an extinct dinosaur

Its role was


It then evolved into this higher

Form on its happy


through time


My machines are a bit

Like that – they need to

Laugh at themselves, as to

What they find themselves now

Doing in their new environment

Their maker is no genius


He has

No clear idea and sense of

Outcome in mind



And as such the

Extant machine –

In its present form –

Cobbled together with

Old record players

And umbrella bones

And ideas stolen from

Laundry pegs-in its

Present form

Is no perfect thing

But it is optimal for

Whatever it finds itself

Doing / DO-ING.


While trying to get to the root of what I am interested in.. I thought what it must be is change…. Change is at the heart of all phenomena… whether it is the slow steady time scale of geology and evolution. Or whether it is the rapid time scale of these words darting across the face of my computer.. all of this inexorably changes the world we live in.. even the passage of time… time is only the change of an aspect of an event… if nothing changes relative to something else there is no time… My first love… how forms have evolved over the course of evolution is the change that I am fascinated by… what lies beneath these changes…? Are there underlying formulae or processes… which are encoded in the universal architecture that bring about inevitable forms… what lies at the heart of Change? and can I build this process in my lab studio…?


© Copyright Sid Sledge Artist