bird builder

In becoming an artist

a big part of that

becoming is

unbecoming my past

but it has to be a gentle


I want to retain the

love I found along

the way the

gentle waves of


to black strangers on

the street

the love of a


a father

and my friends and

my music.

and my record player

and my room

and the flea market

on a Sunday morning coming down

(thanks Kris)

and I want to

retain the

dark history

the just below the

surface violence

of thoughts

and separations

brutal separations

Seams teaching us

to hate

I want to keep it

so I can see it

so I can

have it as a frame

of reference


help me

re-germinate with

an awareness

not like in a



I want full vision

I want Sid to take me

into the future

realise my true nature



far from home

going homeImage

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