Steven Durbach (aka Sid Sledge) is uniquely positioned as an Australian artist with a strong background in science, having worked as an academic in the field of genetics for more than a decade. His work, since 2015, with Institutions such as CSIRO and UNSW has brought to the fore, through art, some of the extraordinary science done by Australian researchers. He has done this in the form exhibitions with these prominent scientific partners interpreting quantum mechanics; residencies constructing interactive kinetic sculptures; and conducting workshops at for example, the Science Gallery – the foremost global institution responsible for delivering science inspired art.

His highly expressive art practice, mainly situated in drawing and kinetic sculpture, is primarily concerned with the condition of being a human animal at this time on this planet. He approaches what he does in an experimental and intuitive way – drawing on his past as a Molecular Biologist, finding inspiration in the processes and formal properties derived from that rich and fundamental area of research. He queries his material with a similar experimental nature that he employed as a scientist – a process that comes instinctively to him as he notes it does to most great artists.

A major focus of his work is to bring the two cultures of art and science into close proximity to see what effect this has on their individual and potentially shared practice. Even with the non-trivial differences between the fields of art and science he sees from his vantage point, fascinating possibilities derived from their interactions in a world desperately seeking novel ways of engaging with emerging complex ideas and challenges. He notes from his specific background that the scientific method is not far from the practice of many artists and both disciplines are strongly informed by an innate curiosity into the nature of themselves and the world around them. It is this shared curiosity that he taps into in his own practice but also in his promotion of greater connection between artists and scientists in the broader community.

Installations / Residencies

  • 2016 Installation at CSIRO/AIP Industry Day (November)
  • 2017 Illuminating Waffles Installation : The Wobably Wobally (is too wobbly probably); Glebe Markets (May)
  • 2017Month long residency at CSIRO (Lindfield) building Wobbly Machines
  • 2018Workshop at Science Gallery in Melbourne (Perfection Exhibition)
  • 2019Installation of Mechanical Sculptures at CSIRO (Lindfield); NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK
  • 2020Inspiring Australia online event: Coffee in the Studio: Encounters with Australian and South African artists and scientists; NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK
  • 2020Residence at CULTURE AT WORK (October); Pyrmont

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2010 Coogee Art Lounge, Sydney; Global Gallery, Paddington Sydney;
  • 2011 Waverley library – Bondi Junction;
  • 2012 Art2muse, Double Bay (with photographer Ian Ginzberg)
  • 2013 Queen street Gallery, Woollahra (August)
  • 2016 Schrodinger’s Bird: Interpreting quantum physics through art, in collaboration with UNSW’s Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technologies at Bondi Pavilion Gallery
  • 2018 (Joint Solo Show with Beric Henderson): Metamorphosis at ULTRAGRAFIK FINE ART in Port Macquarie
  • 2020 WOBBLY MACHINE: Exhibition of drawings and kinetic sculptures, Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2005 Bamboo gallery, Jhb SA;
  • 2010 Art Beat Exhibition, Moriah College, Queens Park, Sydney;
  • 2011 Gallery 41; group painting exhibition;
  • 2012 Shir Madness exhibition Bondi pavillion; 2012 Balmain Art Show
  • 2013 Ubuntu, Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, Callan Park, Rozelle; Art for kids spaces, gallery 307, Northbridge, Sydney; ‘We Dream, we speak’ Bondi Pavillion (Artists from the Ngala Mai Aboriginal/Torres Strait Is & The Jewish Community)
  • 2014 Redfern Artist Group show (Home).. Gallery 107 in Redfern… 15 Oct to 25 Oct
  • 2015 Tikkun Olam (Joint Exhibition with Aboriginal, Korean and Jewish artists); Temple Emanuel, Chatswood; April
  • 2015 A Bit Blue 3; GKJE gallery 1 Mercure Hotel , Kings Cross
  • 2016 my place + your place = a better place (Tikkun Olam) Exhibition at Waverley Library
  • 2017 Traffic Jam Galleries, Untitled (April)
  • 2018 Timber Mill Galleries; Illumination Exhibition
  • 2019 Islington Art Factory (London, UK); Intermissus Academy 1st Annual Exhibition


  • 2012 Finalist Waverley Art Prize
  • 2013 Finalist Waverley Art Prize
  • 2014 Finalist Artbeat
  • 2015 Finalist Waverley Art Prize

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